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Create a systematic approach to
tap into the psychology of human behaviour

With shrinking attention spans and an increasingly distracted society, human centricity and empathetic design have become more crucial in designing user experiences in order to build engagement and drive desired user behaviours.

This Gamification & Behavioural Design Masterclass will teach participants the systematic approach to gamification design and how to tap into the psychology of human behaviour.

Participants will be placed in a learning environment where they will work in teams to craft design campaigns based on the provided scenarios. Throughout the masterclass, participants will engage in numerous discussions, brainstorms, case studies, and feedback sessions with the trainer. Participants will also receive a workbook.

Key Takeaways

  1. Understand the fundamentals of gamification and behavioural design.

  2. Identify user motivations and implement design elements using gamification frameworks.

  3. Understand how to systematically design user experiences that drive desired user behaviours.

  4. Recognise how gamification can be applied for behaviour change.

  5. Understand how to create engaging experiences.

Who Should Attend?

  • CEOs / Managing Directors

  • Business Owners

  • CTOs

  • CIOs

  • UI / UX Designers

  • Product Designers

  • Website Developers

  • Mobile Application Developers

  • Software Developers

  • HR practitioners

  • L&D practitioners

  • Marketers

Details & Format

  • Wednesday - Friday, x - x March 2023

  • 9.00 am - 12.00 pm

  • Online via Zoom

  • 9 contact hours


Day 1

Day 2

Day 3

Topic 1: The Basics - What is Gamification & Behavioural Design?

  • Understand the difference between games and gamification

  • Understand the Game Thinking umbrella and different forms of gamification

Topic 2: Motivational Design - How to drive human behaviour

  • Understand the psychology of human behaviour and the different core drives of human motivation

  • Identify the main user types of an experience

  • Craft empathy maps

Topic 3: Action Dynamics - Designing for ease and difficulty

  • Managing cognitive friction

  • Psychological safety

  • Economic design

  • Boosters and power-ups

Topic 4: Nudge Mechanics - Triggering desired actions

  • Feedback loops

  • Narrative and storytelling

  • Social mechanics

Topic 5: Design Framework - A systematic approach to Gamification & Behavioural Design

  • Identify the essential elements of gamification and behavioural design

  • The 4 phases of the user journey

  • Brainstorming design elements

Topic 6: Ethical Design - The ethics of Gamification & Behavioural Design

  • Understand the ethical responsibilities of behavioural designers

  • Identify and test for manipulative design

Our Trainer

Sufiz Mohd Suffian is the Co-Founder of Recur Consult. He consults, trains, and speaks on Gamification, Behavioural Design, Design Thinking, Marketing, and Learning and Development.

He is among 130 individuals in the world to be certified in Octalysis Gamification - one of the leading Gamification frameworks used internationally. He has designed international award-winning gamified experiences that have led to real behavioural change and business results by leveraging gamification design methodologies and habit building models. He has spearheaded gamification and behavioural design consulting projects in the region, ranging from product design, marketing gamification, community gamification, learning and development, and people and culture transformation. His past clients include Fortune 500 companies, multinationals, government agencies, international business schools, international consultancy firms, small to medium enterprises, technology companies, training providers, and startups.

As a trainer, he has delivered impactful talent programs at the regional level and facilitated corporate learners from junior to senior levels that resulted in high engagement and retention, while achieving actual business results. He has conducted training sessions for companies such as Axiata Group, SME Bank, Tenaga Nasional Berhad, Air Selangor, KWAP (Kumpulan Wang Persaraan), Inalum (Indonesia), CIMB Niaga (Indonesia), Enpeo (Thailand), and Korn Ferry (Singapore and Indonesia).

His mission is to spread awareness on gamification and help organisations create engaging user experiences by tapping into the psychology of human behaviour.

Here's where our past participants have come from
Here's what past participants have said

“I have a new point of view on the definition of gamification. I also learnt a few valuable theories about human behaviour and ideas on how to apply it in my professional job. Thank you, Sufiz!

- Muhammad Aidil Azwan bin Khanafi,
UI/UX Designer

“Very informative and learnt a lot of new stuff. Delivery is fantastic."

- Nasreen Amalina Abdul Razak,
Senior Software Developer

“The workshop is really insightful and very relevant in the current workplace landscape.”

- Olivia Soo, HR Manager

“Gave more clarity on the value added to my current scope. Thank you!”

- Raja Aizad Izzudin Bin Raja Abdul Nasir,
HR Specialist

“It doesn’t matter if you’re trying implement it in your workplace, everyone!”

- Amiera Binti Norman, HR Specialist

“A great workshop that teaches you gamification strategies you can use to boost innovation and productivity and find your competitive advantage or blue ocean.”

- Peter Kua, Head of Data Science

“Very good. Hope to have a talk over tea with the presenter."

- Muhammad Haziq Faris bin Hasnol, CEO

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